Why Office Uniforms Don’t Have To Be Daggy

casSummary: How to make your staff look better in their office workwear by upgrading your corporate uniforms.

We all know that people are not one size fits all, and that’s why many office uniforms can look daggy. When companies don’t take into account that all employees are shaped differently, and choose just one look for men and one look for women, it can make the clothes look bad, and the employees look even worse!

The trick to having an office uniform that doesn’t look daggy is to choose multiple different styles and cuts that flatter different sizes and shapes on people. A specialty corporate uniforms store is the key to finding the range that you need at the prices you’re wanting to pay. They offer an extended range so you’ll have all the options you need to create the perfect individualised uniform for each staff member.

So what can a specialty corporate clothing store offer your business?

Stylish business shirts

Multiple designs, colours and cuts of business shirts can ensure that your team is well dressed while at the same time actually looking good too. Contrasting business shirts are a great way to add that little pop of colour to otherwise boring shirt too.

Printed shirts

Printed shirts are also a popular option for businesses. A printed business shirt can catch the eye and various designs will flatter the wearer in different ways.

Ladies dresses

There are so many different styles and cuts of business dresses to choose from. Look for styles that don’t have too low a neckline, and aren’t too short in the hem to make sure the image is still very professional.

Ladies blouses

Ladies in your company might prefer the softer look of a blouse instead of business shirts for work, so why not offer them the option? Blouses can be found in a range of different necklines, colours, cuts, and fabrics, extending a ladies’ wardrobe infinitely.

Tailored jackets

The tailored jacket is a quintessential item for the office both for men and women. But this doesn’t mean that they need to be stuffy and boring. Select different lengths, pocket and lapel arrangements, colours, fabrics, and cuts to mix and match in the office.

Pant variations

Some people suit different cuts, colours, and materials of pants more than others. Stick with a running theme throughout but vary the other choices to ensure continuity with an individual flair.

A frumpy and daggy office uniform wardrobe can make your staff appear less professional than they actually are, and can impact on your business. Refresh your office uniforms to include more variations and let your staff pick out the items that will look the best on them.