Key Fire Extinguisher Maintenance And Services Business Owners Should Prioritize

keyBusiness owners have the big responsibility of keeping their workplace as safe as possible. Keeping the premises safe from any possibility of a fire starting or breaking out should definitely be on the top of a business owner’s list of priorities.

One of the most basic items any office or business establishment needs to keep it safe from fire is an extinguisher. It is important to choose the right type of fire extinguisher to have in your workplace since the wrong one may aggravate a fire or stop it but damage certain important, sensitive equipment in the workplace.

In addition, when it comes to fire safety, a business owner’s responsibility does not end with the installation of the extinguishers in the workplace. It is also important to schedule regular extinguisher inspection and servicing to make sure that they are always in great working condition.

Fire extinguisher maintenance or servicing usually undergoes three key maintenance processes or schedules, which are:

1. Commissioning service

A fire extinguisher has to be carefully inspected after it has been delivered to the workplace. Commissioning refers to the initial examination and service of the fire extinguisher to check for any signs of damages, particularly ones caused in transit.

2. Monthly on-site inspection and maintenance

Business owners are recommended to have their fire extinguishers inspected on a monthly basis. These inspections can be carried out by one of the staff and they don’t have to undergo any lengthy training. These evaluations have to be recorded in a log book for easy access to this information and to make sure that the inspections are done properly and regularly.

To carry out a fire extinguisher inspection properly, consider the following

• Check the canister for any visible signs of damage and wear and tear.

• Make sure the anti-tamper seals are still present and have not been broken.

• Check that the needle of the extinguisher’s pressure gauge is still in the green zone. This means that it is working fine.

• Ensure that the appropriate labelling and operating instructions are still on the extinguisher.

3. Annual fire extinguisher maintenance and servicing carried out by a professional

An extinguisher will undergo a more detailed and thorough inspection process during its annual servicing. The whole process will have to be carried out by a trained and qualified professional.

After the process, the canister will have a new label that states when the date of maintenance took place, its weight, the name of the professional who carried out the service, when the next test is due and other additional remarks observed during the inspection.