In Depth Look At An Alternative Investment

Spread betting allows you to make money irrespective of whether markets are falling or rising. However, the leveraging integral in spread betting that can heighten your gains can impact your losses the same way. Therefore, spread bet is not a good investment strategy for the timid.

Deposit Factor

Spread betting allows you to bet on the movement of an asset price rather than buying the commodity. “When you bet for £1 you are exposed to 100 shares,” CMC Markets indicates, “and you make £1, if the share prices move by 1 cent or 1p.”

To help you cover the losses whenever the market moves against you, you will have to indicate a margin. This covers the percentage of your exposure and is known as the deposit factor or the notional trading requirement.

The amount you need to put down varies according to the liquidity and volatility of the asset in question.

If you resolve to hold a bet past its expiry date, then you can roll it over, but some additional costs will be factored into the spread.

Managing the Risk

In an attempt to manage the risk, you are allowed to place orders on your spread bet. For instance, stop-loss closes your position once the

5 Steps To Turn Your Business Around

dffI often relate this process to riding a roller coaster for the first time. You are waiting in line, anxious, nervous and curious all at the same time. It is finally your turn, and you hop in the seat, buckle up and at this point you are fully committed. You have no option but to go for it.

There is that moment when you are still climbing of both trust and release. At the top of the hill, there is a 2 second pause of complete silence where you almost lose your breath completely. At this point, you must trust you will be brought back home safely. You scream and laugh through the rest of the ride and the coaster starts to slow down and eventually stop. You unbuckle yourself, and walk off the ride with a sense of satisfaction and exhilaration.

That wasn’t as scary as you thought it would be.

Reaching a turning point in your business is a process. It is never just one thing, but a series of cyclical events when you realize everything shifts and changes. I discovered the following 5 steps

Three Factors to Consider While Choosing an Equipment Appraiser

trsThe choice of certified equipment appraisers is crucial since your company’s growth depends on this report. A poorly done report can affect the fund situation of your enterprise. Banks may hesitate to release funds to a company with poor equipment appraisal report. The need for a certified equipment appraiser following the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practise is paramount.

The Importance of Qualified Appraiser

We can’t take a chance in appraisals. The errors in the appraisal reports can have far-reaching consequences. Appraisal has to be objective, impartial, and unbiased. The appraiser has to be competent enough to understand problems in the machinery, identify the type of problem and its value. The entire process should be USPAP compliant. The standards compliant report instils confidence to use the equipment.

Find an Expert Appraiser

You have to find qualified appraisers who have received certification from the American Society of Appraisers. The certification from a reputed institution ensures the appraiser’s competency and improves their credibility. Choosing experienced professionals help reduce the risk. If you choose the wrong person, you are in danger of increased costs, poor appraisal report, liability, etc. A well-researched

How Predictable and Consistent Is Your Profit Growth Rate?

emTwo important measurements of the health of your business are the predictability and consistency of your revenue growth rate. If someone were to ask you “What was the growth rate in your profit in each of the last 3 years?”; “What was it last quarter?”; and “What was the growth rate in the comparable quarter last year?”, could you answer those questions quickly and without stumbling? Many business owners are not tracking these crucial statistics, so when they give me their answer and I check the numbers, they are usually far off. When I ask them, “How predictable and consistent is your profit growth rate?”, I hear all kinds of stories as to why there are too many variables. Great companies are able to reliably predict their revenue and are rewarded handsomely when they are ready to sell.

Predictable and Consistent Profits Influence Stakeholders in Different Ways!

Failure to have predictable and consistent profit is a key indicator that means different things to different stakeholders.

• Employees – It causes more job uncertainty, lower trust in leadership, and less feeling of stability. This can lead to higher

How Do You Find Your Purpose

preIf yours is like many organizations, you and your competitors are trying to serve a similar purpose to your respective clients. That is true if you look only at the surface. It is how you see the challenge of purpose that counts. Most times I find leaders trapped in a box. That box revolves around existing products and services and does not consider the problems and challenges of people they want to serve.

By finding your organization’s unique purpose, you can move with the changing needs of your customers and evolve your products and services. Too often business leaders are trying to force the external world to buy what they want to sell. What they fail to consider is whether what they want to sell is a real need, and whether there is already too much supply solving that need. If the need is already well served or overserved, then pumping more supply into the market without identifying and addressing a new critical need for their buyers will surely result in a painful journey for them and their colleagues.

5 Lenses of Purpose

When working with leaders

Everything You Need To Know About PCBs

lkA printed circuit board or PCB as its popularly known is an electronic board that connects circuit components. The unit is loved by many people as it’s rugged, reliable and inexpensive. PCBs are made from different materials. The conducting layers are made from thin copper foil while the board is coated with solder mask that is usually green in color. Although rare, you can find boards that are blue or red.

Parts of a PCB

A printed circuit board has many parts. The main parts are:

Components: These are the actual devices used in the circuit. They include: Microchips, resisters, switches, and diodes. The components do the work of the circuit while the PCB provides the connections. For the components to work they must be linked together.

Pads: Pads are simply the locations that the components connect to. For the components to connect to the pads they have to be soldered. Pads have different inner and out diameters; therefore, when installing the components be cautious of the diameters.

Traces: These are the wiring of the PCB and connect pads together. In some cases traces connect to vias. The sizes

How To Protect The Well-Being Of Your Company Throughout All Stages Of Growth

prSome of the largest corporations in the world were once housed in small garage apartments. Things change and as companies earn more revenue, invest in new equipment and other assets, they also have to radically alter their plans. If you have a small start-up that has recently seen unprecedented growth, it is important to step back from your operations for a little reflection and some much-needed maintenance.

As earnings increase, you may be tempted to invest in a ton of new tools and resources for enhancing the capabilities and overall efficiency of your company. While there are definite benefits in better-equipping yourself, you have to prepare for the possibilities that your new-found increase in profits may not be as long-running as you’d hoped. This makes it important for newly successful companies to have aggressive savings plans in place that effectively protect them against the unexpected.

Aligning yourself with a reputable, commercial financial planner is a great way to determine which investments are guaranteed to provide the best returns. This professional can make sure that you are on par with your tax payments as well and that

How To Streamline Your Operations For Maximum Profits

gyIf you aren’t running your business wisely, you could be cutting your profits short with excessive overhead spending and poor management. This is a major problem among small-sized companies that have seen recent growth. As the dynamics of your business change, you have to regularly review your budget and cut out all areas of waste.

One of the first things to look at is the trained talent that you have hired. Many companies have the same people doing the same jobs without adding any additional benefits to their businesses. These are called employee redundancies and you have to fix them by either assigning new duties or by cutting your staff. This will tighten up your spending and boost your bottom line.

Identifying and addressing these redundancies can help you make better use of your current manpower. If you were unable to meet deadlines before, you can look forward to a marked increase in productivity. You may even be able to expand your outreach without first having to take new team members on.

This same problem can exist across your company equipment. Your business may have a variety

The 3 Things Every New Business Must Do First

vyWhat do you need to do first when you open your business? Typical responses include open a business bank account, create a website, get business cards, design a logo and start networking.

Yup, you need to put all those pieces in place and none of it will make a difference if you don’t answer the following three questions first.

1. What do you sell? This includes how it’s priced and packaged.

What I see happening again and again is a new entrepreneur gets up the nerve to start networking and talking to people. The conversation goes great. The problem is that they have nothing to offer beyond the conversation. You must have a clear understanding of what product you sell, how someone can pay you for it, and how much it costs in order for the conversation to be productive, and for the person you are speaking with to either get the help they need or help you make connections.

2. Who do you want to work with and, this is super important, who don’t you want to work with?

When you are first starting out there is a

5 Steps To Build A Massive Business

goal1. Belief

Belief is a state or habit where trust and confidence are placed in some person or thing.

If you are in the network marketing business, or any business, you already have a certain amount of belief that your business works. You must believe in yourself and know that your business will be life changing.

2. Hope

Hope is the expectation of fulfillment or success.

So many people have been in this industry and have not yet found the level of success they are searching for. Hope is what keeps you plugging along and moving forward.

Don’t allow your hope to stop where it is right now, but reach farther and go beyond your comfort zone.

3. Consistency

Consistency is the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over a period of time.

For a lot of people, consistency can become an issue because you think success will happen right away. You must be consistent in your action for that to happen. When you continually practice that consistency, then you will see desired results of success in your business.

4. Massive Action

Massive action is doing whatever it

Why Office Uniforms Don’t Have To Be Daggy

casSummary: How to make your staff look better in their office workwear by upgrading your corporate uniforms.

We all know that people are not one size fits all, and that’s why many office uniforms can look daggy. When companies don’t take into account that all employees are shaped differently, and choose just one look for men and one look for women, it can make the clothes look bad, and the employees look even worse!

The trick to having an office uniform that doesn’t look daggy is to choose multiple different styles and cuts that flatter different sizes and shapes on people. A specialty corporate uniforms store is the key to finding the range that you need at the prices you’re wanting to pay. They offer an extended range so you’ll have all the options you need to create the perfect individualised uniform for each staff member.

So what can a specialty corporate clothing store offer your business?

Stylish business shirts

Multiple designs, colours and cuts of business shirts can ensure that your team is well dressed while at the same time actually looking good too. Contrasting business shirts are

5 Important Questions To Ask Before Seeking Financing For Your Business

finFinancing is critical not just for startups, but even for an existing business that has needs to maybe expand the business. Luckily, there are so many financing packages that touch on the different business areas and the needs you have for your business can help you make the right consumer financing decision. Different financial institutions and lenders have varying terms of service when you seek a loan and so you should have this in mind too when seeking financing.

  1. How is your credit history?

The credit score can determine the amount that you can be loaned and the interest percentages. This however varies from one lender to another and you should therefore start by evaluating your credit history and the impact that is going to have on your financing. Fortunately, you can find no credit check financing arrangement which means that you can still get the financing that you need regardless of how your credit history looks like. You can get financing even with bad credit, but this depends on the institution you choose to use when getting the financing.

  1. What are you using to secure

Business Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them

scFor many businesses today, there are many challenges that come along inhibiting success. It is, therefore, important to know the pitfalls that one can run into and the possible solutions. Some of these challenges are:

• Lack of Integrity
• Resource management; borrowing cash
• Increased Competition and Selection
• Customer Loyalty and Marketing
• Uncertainty
• Regulations
• Risk management and problem-solving
• Finding competent staff

These are the main challenges that every business faces or will face. It will only be wise to have a prior understand what they are and hence find a proper way of solving them. No one starts a business to fail but at the same time, challenges are not meant for failing but to sharpen, strengthen and inspire growth. This article goes deeper into each of these setbacks and offers practical solutions for the same.

Challenges and solutions

1. Lack of Integrity

Lack of integrity can put a business on its knees. With the standards of living going up the roof, workers trying to meet their quarterly goals and be successful at the same plus get that little overtime bonus, the temptation

Key Fire Extinguisher Maintenance And Services Business Owners Should Prioritize

keyBusiness owners have the big responsibility of keeping their workplace as safe as possible. Keeping the premises safe from any possibility of a fire starting or breaking out should definitely be on the top of a business owner’s list of priorities.

One of the most basic items any office or business establishment needs to keep it safe from fire is an extinguisher. It is important to choose the right type of fire extinguisher to have in your workplace since the wrong one may aggravate a fire or stop it but damage certain important, sensitive equipment in the workplace.

In addition, when it comes to fire safety, a business owner’s responsibility does not end with the installation of the extinguishers in the workplace. It is also important to schedule regular extinguisher inspection and servicing to make sure that they are always in great working condition.

Fire extinguisher maintenance or servicing usually undergoes three key maintenance processes or schedules, which are:

1. Commissioning service

A fire extinguisher has to be carefully inspected after it has been delivered to the workplace. Commissioning refers to the initial examination and service of the fire

4 Common Errors in Mascot Design

coWhether you are planning to design a school mascot or one for your sports team, picking out a great design is of paramount importance. Not only will this represent your organisation or institution at every appearance that it makes, but it will also be responsible for encouraging fans, employees or members of a social group to rally round at various events.

Designing the ideal sports or school mascot can be very difficult, however, and there are now many professional mascot designers the world over creating unique and exciting costumes for their clients. There are, however, some important errors to avoid in order to walk away with the best and most memorable mascot costume possible.

The first common error is choosing to work with a company that does not specialise in producing mascot costumes for your particular sector, whether it is in sports, education or business. Each one of these has unique needs and attributes, and therefore an expert or a group of experts with knowledge and experience in the relevant domain is very important.

This does not mean that you cannot find a mascot designer that does

Move Your Business Forward With 3 Simple Steps

d41. Your Dream

Kids always have dreams. Then something weird happens as you get older and get into the job world.

You tend to get realistic. You start justifying why you really don’t want your dreams. Have you found yourself saying things like, If I have a huge house, I would just have to spend more time cleaning it, or a big lawn takes too much work so I just want a small townhouse?

There is nothing wrong with that, but is that really your dream? Do you have naysayers in your life who are squelching your dreams?

If you have a big dream, nobody is going to shake your tree. Naysayers won’t matter.

I challenge you to get your dream back.

Write down your big dreams. Dreams that are so huge the only way you can accomplish them is through your business. You can accomplish good things with a job, but you will never be free and will always be controlled by your boss.

With your own business, you have the freedom to dream and really make a difference in the world. You can accomplish some amazing things with a

Preventing Business Failures

e4Over the past couple of weeks, we have looked at the issues of a failing business. Now, let us talk solutions: how do you prevent a business from failing?

Prepare for failure.

Does this sound contradictory in an article on preventing business failures? I think not. Too often, entrepreneurs are so captivated by their ideas that they cannot envision failure. And when it comes, it hits them so hard because they did not expect it. As a result, they are unable to adapt their business planning to the realities of the situation.

Develop a strong business plan

A strong business plan is one that adequately explains the business situation at the time of the business commenced. It articulates how you intend to succeed through your production, marketing, finance, etc., and details what you need to start. It also provides projections on how much you will spend and make over a period of time. Two things to note though: one, a business plan is not static – always review your plan against the realities on ground as your business progresses. Two, always overestimate your spending and underestimate your income.

Asking for Help Is a Great Way to Get Information

w2Everyone loves to be helpful. Because of this, you have a great opportunity to learn more about your prospects and clients if you learn how to ask the right questions at the right times.

Here are some examples of how asking for help, at the right time, can give you a treasure trove of useful information you can use to position your product or service to the right person.

When prospecting, if you don’t know the person or department you need to speak with, there is no better opening then:

“Hi, I need a little bit of help please… ”

Now the crucial thing here is not to then ask a question. Instead, what’s important is that you actually wait for the other person to offer to help you first. As soon as they say, “What do you need?” or “I can help you,” that’s when you reply with something like:

“Thanks. I’m looking for the person who handles your lead generation, who would that be please?”

If they don’t know the name, then be prepared with:

“Perhaps you could point me to the right department then?”

Asking for help in this

Prevent Or Repair Thrust Bearing Failure With Ease

e33History of Issues

While it’s true that thrust bearings operate on only a thin film of oil, they still have trouble supporting as much of a load as radial bearings. Radial bearings can carry loads up to thousands of pounds per square inch, and thrust bearings only handle a few hundred.

Due to the curved surfaces of where the bearing and journal meet, radial types develop a higher load capacity. Thrust bearings are made up of two flat surfaces that come together and no space in order to support oil film formation. The conventional type of thrust bearings are constructed via the incorporation of flanges at the end of a radial journal bearing. They’ve been successful for a long time.

Most shaft surfaces as well as surfaces of thrust bearings and other varieties are flat making it tough to keep a thin film of oil in place. When a thrust load is applied to the crankshaft and oil is squeezed out excessively a bearing failure can occur due to collapsing. This is why a contoured face is important in many applications as it allows thrust washers to

5 Things That Keep Business Owners Up at Night

s3CEOs have a lot to worry about, but what are their greatest concerns? What keeps them awake at night? Their concerns fell into three broad categories: talent, operating in a global marketplace, and regulation and legislation according to The Harvard Business Review.

As a CEO you will always running short of time which keeps your attention away from the key data/KPIs which need to be looked to run your business hassle free. The Key Performance Indicators should form the base of your business which helps in taking proactive and faster decision.

KPIs set is different for each Industry segment depending on the requirement of the business, it should depict overall performance of the company at a glance to CEO. Earlier decisions were made on the guts basis by CEO but with the evolution of BI, more informed decisions are taken with the availability of real- time data analysis. CEO Dashboard should give CCTV coverage of company’s health indicating various leakage happening.

The 5 mandatory KPIs in CEO Dashboard

Progress towards Target

When you set monthly, quarterly, annual and long-term targets for your company and individual resources, a check is